Full Delph Plated Meal of…
Turkey and Ham, Chicken, Potato Salad, Colesaw,
Tossed Salad, Egg and Cheese and a Crusty Roll with Butter
Complete with Knife and Fork and Napkins. (1, 3)

Premium Cold Buffet Table
Self service Platters of:
Turkey and Ham, Beef.
Choice of 5 Salads and Dressings
Selection of Crusty Rolls (1, 3)

Dessert Choices
Apple Pie and Cream (1, 3)
Coffee and Walnut Gateaux (1, 3)
Profiteroles with Chocolate Sauce (1, 3)

Quick Lunch (Monday – Friday)
Soup and Sandwich. Goujons and C/T
Sausages Served (1, 3)

Prices available are for a minimum number of 20.

Deliver Refrigerated to your door or Delivered Piping Hot.